Language Studies International (LSI): Vancouver (Junior)

#101-808 Nelson Street, Vancouver, V6Z 2H2, Canada

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  • Panorama City 1/14
  • Harrastusmahdollisuuksia 2/14
  • street party 3/14
  • Tarjoama kotimajoitus 4/14
  • City of Vancouver 5/14
  • Harrastusmahdollisuuksia 6/14
  • Opiskelijoita 7/14
  • Harrastusmahdollisuuksia 8/14
  • Harrastusmahdollisuuksia 9/14
  • Grouse Mountain 10/14
  • Harrastusmahdollisuuksia 11/14
  • Harrastusmahdollisuuksia 12/14
  • Harrastusmahdollisuuksia 13/14
  • Classes at Language Studies International (LSI): Vancouver (Junior) 14/14


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"It was a good start for my further education in college."

Zhanel Satpayeva, opiskelija _ maasta Kazakstan

I am writing this review on behalf of my niece and only in her own words.

Overall, she really enjoyed her study at this school. The school is located in Downtown Vancouver, just near Vancouver Public library and 3 minutes of walk from Robson Square Vancouver. The teachers were amicable and helpful. As for the facilities, the girls' washroom was always occupied and you had to wait a long line to get there after the classes. So, I hope the school can fix it for students' convenience. In general, there are more pros than cons. However, one moment was especially unpleasant.

There were some students in the class who were noisy and disrespectful towards the teacher and other students. Sometimes, a teacher had to distract from teaching in order to calm those noisy students. And that was rather annoying.

As a caretaker of my niece during her visit in Vancouver, I would like to point out my personal remarks:
1) With respect to above mentioned episodes, I believe there should be some kind of an Ethical Behavior instruction for the students prior their study. As it is unfair to other students who are forced to sit and wait when the noisy students calm down so that the teacher can continue the lesson for which they fully paid.
2) Moreover, the study was just for 3 weeks, however, for some reason, my niece was shifted to other group, four days before the end of her course... That was weird and nobody explained the reason of this shift.
3) In addition, I would like to mention this in the review, so the School may avoid this in the future.
There was a feeling of lack of information from School. As a parent we want to know what is the level of English of our child? So, when a student takes his first test, what are the results of this test? There is a need of any feedback from the teacher in the beginning of the study and at the end. So, the student (incl. parents) can see any progress in the study. Enter/Exit results.
4) We applied to this school in February/March and it turned out that the School moved to another location in April and nobody informed us about this. Happily, before the start of the classes we checked the web-site of the School and found out about this change. I should say that we chose our accommodation based on the School's location. Again, luckily new location was not so far from the old one. I believe, this information could be distributed accordingly to all students who applied within this period of time.

Please, understand me right, my aim of this review was not to downgrade the school but to give a chance to consider the gaps in the management and improve where it is required only for the sake of its benefit and further prosperity.

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opiskelun kesto
2 viikkoa
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8 Jul 2019 - 26 Jul 2019
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Tämä on vahvistettu yhteenveto. Tämä opiskelija on varattu kurssin tässä koulussa Language International:n kautta.


LSI Vancouver (Junior) tarjoaa seuraavia majoitustyyppejä:

Kotimajoitus - 2-hengen jaetussa huoneessa - Aamiainen, lounas ja päivällinen

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Homestay - Twin room - Full board

Ikäryhmä: 13 - 17 vuoden ikäinen
Majoitustyyppi: Kotimajoitus
Huonetyyppi: 2-hengen jaetussa huoneessa
Ateriaa: Aamiainen, lounas ja päivällinen (21 ateriaa viikossa)
Saatavuus: tammi - joulu
Päivä saapumisesta: sunnuntai, milloin
Lähtöpäivänä: lauantai, milloin
Ei sovelleta
Our homestay families have been working with LSI Vancouver for many years. They have been carefully selected and monitored, and our Student Services Coordinator visits every home annually to make sure everything is perfect. All families have passed criminal record checks to ensure student safety. Host families speak English in the home so that students can practise English and learn more about Canadian and international culture.

Facilities include:

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere
Bed linen and towels provided
Free laundry facilities
Good, reliable transport links
Student Welfare

Kotimajoitus - Yhden hengen huone - Aamiainen, lounas ja päivällinen

179 €

Homestay - Single room - Full Board

Ikäryhmä: 12 - 17 vuoden ikäinen
Majoitustyyppi: Kotimajoitus
Huonetyyppi: Yhden hengen huone
Ateriaa: Aamiainen, lounas ja päivällinen (21 ateriaa viikossa)
Toimitilat: Keittiö, pesula, langaton internetyhteys, ilmainen internet, ja lämmitys
Matka kouluun: 20 - 60 minuuttia train or subwaylla
Saatavuus: tammi - joulu
Päivä saapumisesta: sunnuntai, milloin
Lähtöpäivänä: lauantai, milloin
179 €
At LSI Vancouver, homestays are carefully selected and visited frequently. All family members 19 years and older are required to complete a criminal record check.

Host families are expected to provide the following to our students:
- An English speaking environment (English must be the only language spoken in the student's presence).
- A pleasantly decorated and private room with a standard bed, study desk or table with chair, closet or storage space, and dresser.
- Well-prepared, home-cooked meals (breakfast can be self-serve, while dinner will be eaten with the family each evening).
- Help, advice, and information during the student's stay.
- A friendly and comfortable environment in which students can learn about Canadian life.

Most homes are located 25-50 minutes away from the school by public transport. If you have special requests or diet restrictions (because of religion or health reasons), please let us know in advance. Students are usually 16 years old and older.


Me emme voi anoa viisumeja opiskelijoiden puolesta. Koulu voi kuitenkin tarjota viisumihakemukseen tarvittavat lomakkeet.

Hyväksymiskirje lähetetään postitse maksutta kotiosoitteeseesi. Jos haluat saada materiaalin pikakirjeenä, rekisteröitymisen ohessa veloitetaan maksuna C$ 100.

Lennot ja lentokenttävaihdot

Huomaa, että emme varaa opiskelijoille lentoja. Jos etsit lentojen hintatietoja, suosittelemme sivustoa, jossa voit valita selata lentovaihtoehtoja oman maasi ja kohde Vancouver välillä oman hintatasosi, aikataulusi ja mieltymyksiesi mukaan.


Opiskele huoletta ulkomailla Language Internationalin tarjoamien sairaus- ja henkilökohtaisen omaisuusvakuutusten turvin. Kun varaat kielikurssin kauttamme, voit halutessasi ostaa kansainvälisen vakuutuspaketin joka kattaa sairauskulujen lisäksi omaisuusvahingot. Sinun on varattava palvelu etukäteen rekisteröitymisen ohessa.

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#101-808 Nelson Street
V6Z 2H2

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Sijaitsemme kaupungin sydämessä vain muutaman minuutin päässä ravintoloista ja erinomaisista kaupoista.


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Kysymyksiä? Saat vastauksia majoituspaikan Language Studies International (LSI): Vancouver (Junior) henkilökunnalta ja aiemmilta opiskelijat.

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"I have a prospective student from Italy who would like to study at LSI Vancouver. The student is only 13 years old and is below the minimum age of 14 years old required to join the course below. Can you make an exception and accept our student into the program? We have informed the student's family that the minimum age is 14 years old. The student's family is fully aware that the student will be with other students who are older."

Dyan Test, opiskelija _ maasta USA

Our YL Program is for ages 13-17 so yes, your student will be eligible to enter. we can offer home stay or hotel accommodation.

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