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Language Internationalin järjestämiä ranskan kielikurssit Montréalissa
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Yleistä ranskan kielikurssit

Yleiset ranskan kurssit ovat aikuisille, jotka haluavat parantaa puhutun, kuunnellun, luetun ja kirjoitetun ranskan kielen taito. Useimmat kielikurssit on tarkoitettu yli 16-vuotiaille aikuisille. 2 - 48 viikon ranskan intensiivikursseja tarjolla. Kielikurssien keskimääräinen opintomäärä on 30 tuntia viikossa.


Nuoriso ranskan kielikurssit

Nuorten ranskan kielikurssi ovat tarkoitettu 4-12 -vuotiaille lapsille ja 13-18 -vuotiaille nuorille, jotka haluavat opiskella ranska kesällä. 4 - 8 viikon nuorten ranskan kielikursseja tarjolla kesällä kesä-elokuussa.


Ranskan testi valmennuskurssit

ranskan testi valmennuskurssit ovat opiskelijoille, jotka haluavat valmistautua Englanti pätevyystesteihin parantaakseen työnsaantimahdollisuuksiaan tai päästäkseen yliopistoon.


Likke-elämän ranskan kielikurssit

Kahdenkeskisiä business ranska-oppitunnit !in !location ovat yritysjohtajille ja ammattilaisille, jotka haluavat oppia ranskaa mahdollisimman nopeasti räätälöidyillä oppitunneilla yksityisen ranskan opettajan kanssa.


Ranskan opettajankoulutusohjelmien kurssit

ranskan opettajankoulutusohjelmat !in !location ovat opettajille, jotka ovat kiinnostuneita ranskan opetuksesta ulkomailla. Maailmanlaajuisesti on valtavasti kysyntää päteville ranskan opettajille, joten työmahdollisuuksia on lähes jokaisessa maassa ympäri maailmaa.


Ammatillisen ranskan kurssit

Ammatillinen ranska kurssit !in !location ovat ammattilaisia, jotka haluavat opiskella ranskaa tietyllä alueella, kuten liike-elämä, lääketiede, laki, ilmailu, tai matkailuala.

Opiskelu ja työ

Työ ja opiskelu ranskan ohjelma

Työ-koulutusohjelmat !in !location ovat aikuisille, jotka haluavat oppia ranskaa ja hankkia ammatillista työkokemusta samaan aikaan.


Erikois ranskan kielikurssit

Erityisranskan kurssit !in !location ovat niille, jotka haluavat opiskella ranskaa ja osallistua toimintaan, kuten urheilu, taide, ruoka, jne.

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Kysymyksiä? Saat vastauksia majoituspaikan Language International henkilökunnalta ja aiemmilta opiskelijat.

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"I have a prospective student from Kuwait who would like to study at A2Z School of English Dublin. Could you please tell me if he would study in Ireland and get a visa, must he have at least 15 hours per week? This is what he saw on the internet for requirements."

Dyan Test, opiskelija USA
Isabel Kaczmarek, A2Z School of English henkilökunnalta
At least 15 hours is advised for Student Visitor Visas. I believe that the student can join A2Z for 12 weeks (up to 90 days) on a C-Visa.
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"Could you let me know your experience for Georgian visa applicants? How high is the risk that the visa will get denied? They would love to come but they are worried about their visa."

Nino Khundadze, opiskelija Georgia
Direct the students here Georgia applicants send their documents to the VAC office in Ankara. Currently the CIC site says that complete applications are taking up to 52 days to process Temp Resident Applications visas and 11 weeks to process complete Study Permit. It is difficult for me to speak to the likelihood of approval or denials, as it is up to the discretion of the Officer reviewing the application to determine whether or not Visas will be granted.
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"I have a prospective student who would like to study at LAL Boston The student wishes to book an 8-week course with 1 week break in between (4 weeks lessons, one week off and 4 weeks lessons again). Is this possible? If yes, can this booking be considered as an 8-week booking? If the student can eventually have a break of one week, what is happening with the host family? Is it possible for the student to keep his host family (9 weeks in total)? Could you please confirm the accommodation price? The student would like to live in a host family but wishes to have a private bathroom/toilet. Is this possible?"

In order to accurately respond your questions I will need to confirm which Visa the student will enter the USA. Is it on ESTA Visa Waiver, other visa, or F1 student Visa? This is important because if the student does not enter on an F1 visa it will not be possible to study in a full-time program (Intensive English). Instead the student can take our General English course. This course meets from Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 12:15pm. Further, LAL’s vacation policy for F1 students is that students may take vacation/break from school after 3 consecutive months. In that case, we would not be able to give her that 1 week break she requested. Therefore I’ll answers the questions presuming that the student desire to enter on ESTA or a visa other than F1 visa: 1- If student enters on ESTA or another visa (not F1) yes. The student can take the 1 week break between the 8 week course, and the course will be priced at 8-week. 2- Correct. If the student stays with the host family during her break, the Accommodation should be calculated as 9-week. 3- I need to reach out to some of my hosts who might be able to offer private bathroom. I will try, but unfortunately I cannot guarantee to availability. 4- same as above
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"I have a prospective student who would like to study at GEOS Languages Plus Calgary. In case the student visa is denied, how much do you charge to cancel the course?"

Bruna Messias, opiskelija Brasilia
We don’t charge cancellation fee if the reason of cancellation is visa refusal. We need to receive a copy of the refusal letter from CIC in order to make refund and we will refund all the deposit except non-refundable enrolment fee.
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"I have a prospective student who would like to study at GEOS Languages Plus - Montreal. The student is a legal resident of Denmark, but holds a Syrian passport. Do you know what her visa status would be in Canada? I know that Danish citizens do not need a visa, but I am not familiar with the rules for residents."

Frida Test, opiskelija USA
Regarding your questions about the student nationality I advise you to check this website < you will probably find the answer about his visa here.
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"I have a prospective student who would like to study at Montreal International Institute of Language Arts. This student is from Venezuela. She can't pay the course from Venezuela, I have asked her to pay the registration fee and first week accommodation in order to book the course, and once she is at the school, the first day, she will pay the course directly there. Is that possible?"

RAFAEL LOPEZ, Montreal International Institute of Language Arts henkilökunnalta
As you might know it is different to work with Venezuelan students. In case the students pays the course by their own you can always use the price list that you have but in case they decide to pay through their government (CADIVI) the payment must be made in USD$ Usually we ask the Venezuelan students the registration fee and the placement accommodation fee in order to issue the letter of acceptance, once that they receive the visa, the first 4 weeks of accommodation must be paid in order to receive the accommodation confirmation. In this case she will need to pay the full amount before arrival because she will take 4 weeks course. She can pay the course once in the school.
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