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"One of our students, an Italian national would like to know if she still need to get a visa to be able to study in Paris."

With an Italian nationality, the two girls do not need a visa. Italy and France are part of the European Union with no frontier limitations between countries.
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"How many course hours do the government requires to get a visa?"

باسم الصاوي , opiskelija Saudi-Arabia
Usually, government ask for a 20 hours course as a minimum.
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"First of all, the student wants to make sure it is no problem for that he has the Palestinian nationality and carries an Egyptian passport. More importantly, can you also send an invitation letter to support his visa application (apart from the letter of acceptance)?"

You can tell the student that it is absolutely no problem for him to be a Palestinian, on the contrary. Regarding the invitation letter, has it to be sent by the school or by the familly he will stay with.
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"What else is usually required by the Embassy when applying for visa?"

هدى حمودي الطائي , opiskelija Iraq
The passport number is usually required by the embassies.
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