A-73, Bhaskar Enclave 2nd, Patrakar colony, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020, India

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"A good course!"

Sílvia Grau Comas

General English course has been perfect because I was alone and learned English at the teacher's house. Its location was perfect because it was easy for me to get there. I have done listening, grammar, vocabulary, speaking...
My teacher Hasmik is very profesional. Her way of speaking, her patience and her knowledge of English Didactics have been a gift for me! I have learned a lot. I'm happy for meeting. Thank you for all!
Sílvia Grau Comas

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Opetuksen taso
opiskelun kesto
1 viikko
Opiskelun aika
3 Sep 2018 - 14 Sep 2018
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"I learnt a Lot of India while I was studying English"

Ana Lucia , opiskelija _ maasta Kolumbia

I had English classes at home of my teacher, I could enjoy the culture of India like the food, the customs and my teacher was always like a sister during 2 months that I lived there.
I would have preferred to have a physical book and not digital.

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opiskelun kesto
7 viikkoa
Opiskelun aika
1 Jan 2018 - 23 Feb 2018
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Tämä on vahvistettu yhteenveto. Tämä opiskelija on varattu kurssin tässä koulussa Language International:n kautta.

"Expecting for one thing, you discover another."

Mikhail Sergeev, opiskelija _ maasta Afghanistan

Trying to make it all in one sentence, I'd say that it's not a good way of preparing for IELTS, but it's worth going if you want to get acquainted with India and its culture.
You get a proper accommodation, with all the necessary facilities, food is nice and mostly typical Indian and you get a variety of it. It's possible to plan your leisure time there and ask for a help if you need some because Aii staff provides you with the information and can give you some advice. By the way, Aii sometimes would also come up with ideas on how to spend time which was well-organised and according to your wishes. They provide different activities that you can try.
Speaking about the language course, I expected it to be different. It looked like tutoring rather than professional studies at some educational centre. So if you're looking for a serious IELTS preparation with strict rules, regulations and well-equipped classroom, you try somewhere else! Notwithstanding that most of the time there was no classroom and all the tasks were on the laptop. It was also fun, we had samosas for a lunch break, drank chai and coffee there. And you can still study language there, cause you speak English all the time, although Indians prefer speaking Hindi while communicating, but that's quite obvious if you're in India. And Aii provides other services and volunteer activities besides English teaching, which is not the main course there. Activities are available on their web page. The prices are average, but Aii provide discounts, if you discuss it with them.

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opiskelun kesto
3 viikkoa
Opiskelun aika
7 Mar 2016 - 1 Apr 2016
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Tämä on vahvistettu yhteenveto. Tämä opiskelija on varattu kurssin tässä koulussa Language International:n kautta.

"Incredible India… Part of me stayed there…"


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

When I decided to go to India it was like an adventure for me. I bought a ticket, got on the plane and my journey started. But when the plane landed I was gripped by fear. “What am I doing?”- I thought- “I don’t know people that going to meet me in airport. I don’t know anybody in this country, what will I do if something goes wrong.” But everything was right!!!
I was met by two friendly guys Rahul and Aplav from “Aii.”
They dropped me to Jaipur to host family.
My host family…I was lucky to meet that wonderful people. They are really awesome people that support me for two months that I have been in India and still now when I’m so far from them.
About study…I forgot to say earlier that reason to go to India was – study English. “Aii” found for me institute where I learn English 6 days a week for 3 hours. It was in a small group just three people including me. The program consisted of 3 parts: writing, speaking, reading. At first it was so difficult for me cause my English was very poor. But in the same time it was very interesting to learn something new every day. After sometime I saw result I became confident. It really was right decision to come here for learning English, because English surrounded me everywhere: at home, in the street, market and of course in English class. It was good practice for me.
About travelling…During first month we (Rahul, Emma, Aplav and me) traveled in different places in India every weekend. Bhangarh, Pushkar, Agra, Mount Abu are places that I have been lucky to visited. Those were so amazing days…
I’m obliged “Aii” for all that they have done for me, for my host family, for all people that I have met, for my teachers, for travelling…

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Koulun toimitilat
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Koulun sijainti
opiskelun kesto
8 viikkoa
Opiskelun aika
19 Mar 2014 - 14 May 2014
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Aii tarjoaa seuraavia majoitustyyppejä:

Huoneisto - 4-hengen jaetussa huoneessa - Aamiainen, lounas ja päivällinen

75 €

Private apartment - 4-person shared room - Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Ikäryhmä: 15 - 60 vuoden ikäinen
Osoite: 233, C-block, Sidharth nagar, Malviya nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020, India
Sijainti: In the city center of Jaipur
Majoitustyyppi: Yksityishuoneisto
Huonetyyppi: 4-hengen jaetussa huoneessa
Ateriaa: Aamiainen, lounas ja päivällinen (21 ateriaa viikossa)
Toimitilat: Yksityinen kylpyhuone, keittiö, pesula, tietokoneet, langaton internetyhteys, ilmainen internet, tV-huone, matto, lämmitys, 24/7 valvontaa, puutarha, liikuntapaikat, ja muut
Matka kouluun: 5 - 10 minuuttia walklla
Saatavuus: tammi - joulu
Päivä saapumisesta: lauantai, milloin
Lähtöpäivänä: lauantai, milloin
75 €
Camp accommodation is a separate accommodation for participants. There are 04 en-suite large rooms with attached washrooms. The washrooms have European style commode. The rooms are on Tri sharing options. All the rooms are equipped with lockers & wardrobes. The host camp is supervised
& managed by Aii. The situation of the host camp is nearby all the basic amenities like we have in host families.
The host camp is a good option for the participants who like to stay in peace & reserve. There are separate rooms for girls & boys. The host camp has some house rules that have to be followed by the participant. The host camp is also having a separate space for smoking. All the residential area is smoking free zone. The camp is an ideal stay option for group volunteers. The volunteers also can choose to have personal rooms by paying extra fees. Another host camp is situated in the outskirts of the city & is an ideal location for volunteers on Group Volunteering in rural Rajasthan & on Elephant
Features of the Host camp stay option:
 0d en-suite spacious rooms with single beds (No bunk beds)
 Comfortable & secure stay option
 Equipped with Television, Fridge, washing machine, Microwave & other necessary
electrical appliances
 Big, spacious & comfortable rooms with attached washrooms
 Gender specific room allotment
 Hot & cold water facilities
 Wi-Fi facility
 Nearby basic amenities like
o vegetable & fruit market,
o grocery store,
o shopping malls,
o gyms,
o beauty parlors,
o saloons,
o public gardens &
o cafeteria
 Multicultural environment because of the presence of the other volunteers & participants
from different countries and others


Me emme voi anoa viisumeja opiskelijoiden puolesta. Koulu voi kuitenkin tarjota viisumihakemukseen tarvittavat lomakkeet.

Hyväksymiskirje lähetetään postitse maksutta kotiosoitteeseesi. Jos haluat saada materiaalin pikakirjeenä, rekisteröitymisen ohessa veloitetaan maksuna 100 €.

Lennot ja lentokenttävaihdot

Huomaa, että emme varaa opiskelijoille lentoja. Jos etsit lentojen hintatietoja, suosittelemme sivustoa, jossa voit valita selata lentovaihtoehtoja oman maasi ja kohde Jaipur välillä oman hintatasosi, aikataulusi ja mieltymyksiesi mukaan.


Opiskele huoletta ulkomailla Language Internationalin tarjoamien sairaus- ja henkilökohtaisen omaisuusvakuutusten turvin. Kun varaat kielikurssin kauttamme, voit halutessasi ostaa kansainvälisen vakuutuspaketin joka kattaa sairauskulujen lisäksi omaisuusvahingot. Sinun on varattava palvelu etukäteen rekisteröitymisen ohessa.

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A-73, Bhaskar Enclave 2nd, Patrakar colony, Mansarovar
Rajasthan 302020

Koulun sijainti

Jaipur, Rajasthanin ihmeellisen valtion kiehtova pääkaupunki, on yksi aikansa hyvin suunnitelluista kaupungeista. Jaipur perustettiin tuolloin Maharaja, Sawai Jai Singh vuonna 1927. Vaaleanpunaisen värin läpi kulkevan kaupungin siro arkkitehtuuri on antanut Jaipurille "The Pink City" -nimen. Jaipur tunnetaan pääasiassa muusikoistaan, käsityöläisistään ja käsityöläisistään. Nykyään se on flocked massat sen hieno korut, monipuoliset tekstiilit ja runsas keittiö. On olemassa lukemattomia saaria ja tarinoita kulttuurista, perinteistä, käytännöistä ja arvokkaista. Tämä monipuolinen rikas kulttuuriperintö antaa kuninkaallisen kohtelun matkailijoille kaikkialla maailmassa. Jotkut suosituimmista matkailukohteista ovat
• Hawa Mahal, tuulien palatsi
• Amer Fort, joka on aikaisempi Jaipurin valtion pääkaupunki
• Jantar Mantar, suurin observatorio
• Kaupungin palatsi, Jaipurin entisen Maharadan asuinpaikka
• Nahargarhin linnoitus, entisen Maharajasin metsästyskoti
• Jaigarhin linnoitus, Rajput Rulersin tykistövarasto
Näiden mielenkiintoisten paikkojen ohella Jaipur lumoaa ihmiset ostosmahdollisuuksilla. Kuuluisimmat käsityöt, hopea- ja kultaiset korut, jalokivet ja puolijalokivet, helmet ja korut, siniset keramiikkatuotteet, matot ja tekstiilit ovat kävijöiden suosituimpia etnisiä kohteita. Jaipurilla on lähellä Delhiä, kansallista pääomaa, ja se on hyvin yhteydessä muihin maan osiin lento-, rautatie- ja tieyhteyden kautta. Jaipur on yksi Intian nopeimmin kasvavista kaupungeista, joissa on tuottavia investointimahdollisuuksia, kuten Mahindra World City, World Trade Park jne.


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