Private Hospitality German Course for Travel Agents in Basel: 10 Private Lessons Per Week with Full Board Homestay at a Teacher's Home

Learn German & Live in Your Teacher's Home in Basel with Home Language International


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1-52 viikkoa
Joka maanantai
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10 lessons per week (jokainen oppitunti kestää 60 min)
maanantai - perjantai

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German courses for travel agents in Basel are for professionals who want to study German to start a career as a travel agent. These courses are ideal for those who want to learn specific German vocabulary and expressions used to communicate with both customers and suppliers in the travel or tourism industry.

You stay in an experienced private teacher's family home, have one-to-one private hospitality German lessons tailored specifically for travel agents and then continue to use the language during the rest of your stay in Basel. Because you are the only student, you are guaranteed individual attention. The lessons are completely designed for you, so the teacher will focus exactly on what you need. Mealtime conversation, television and social contacts are all in German.

All of our teachers in Switzerland have a university degree (or equivalent) and/or a recognised teaching certificate. All teachers have been visited by one of our local organisers. Their qualifications have been checked and their homes throughly inspected. During your stay in Basel, a local organiser will monitor your progress and make sure your experience is both happy and successful.

Courses include:

  • Full-board accommodation in an experienced teacher's home (3 meals a day)

  • 10 hours of one-to-one private hospitality German lessons tailored specifically for travel agents per week

Supplemental fees apply to:

  • Students who want their own private bathroom

  • Students who need extra nights at their host family

  • Students who want to study from 24 December to January 1

  • Students who are under 18 years old

  • Students who need a visa invitiation letter sent by express mail or courier

  • Students with special dietary needs (such as gluten-free, Halal or Kosher)

  • Students with special needs, including physical disabilities (such as vision and hearing impairments), emotional or behavioural disorders (such as ADHD) or learning difficulties (such as dyslexia)

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  • Learn German & Live in Your Teacher's Home in Basel with Home Language International 1/1


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"Living with a family who spoke German plus having lesson time and outings was a rich experience. It was as described in the course material."

Margaret Henderson, opiskelija _ maasta USA

The family corrected me in my efforts at every day speech in a relaxed and fun way, so I was learning constantly. Plus the individual tutoring in German was excellent with a teacher who knew and could explain grammar.
The outings were super! She took me to a historical, covered bridge, a salt water pool, to Basel and Zurich and swimming in the famous Rhine River.
My bed room, overlooking the Rhine was cozy and comfortable with a separate study area.
They accommodated my gluten and dairy-free meals.
They picked me up at the train station and helped me with further travel plans.
I felt like part of a lovely family.

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17 Jun 2019 - 28 Jun 2019
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Please note that we do not book flights for our students. If you are researching airfare costs, we recommend using, a search engine that lets you compare flight options from your home country to Basel based on your budget, schedule and preferences.


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